Alumni Roster

Val Lew: Set, 2015-2017
Zoe La Soya: Utility, 2013-2017
Julia Caldwell: Set and Utility, 2013-2017
Alexandra Lara: Utility, 2013-2017
Juliana De La Rosa: Utility, 2012-2016
Olivia Meisner: Utility, 2012-2016
Adi Rosenthal: Hole-Set, 2012-2016
Yulia Viatcheslavovna: Utility, 2010-2014
Kristen King: Utility, 2010-2014
Kristen Caroll: Goalie, 2010-2014
Audry Klossner: Hole-set, 2010-2014
Marija Milisavljevic: Utility, 2010-2014
Kimberly Tartavull: Utility, 2010-2014
Lindsey Coyle: Utility, 2009-2013
Leah Abrams: Utility, 2009-2013
Jocelyn Bilkey: Hole-Set, 2009-2013
Tali Weinberg: Utility, 2006-2009
Jill Jarley Dunham: Field, 2003-2009
Gillian Morshedi: Goalie, 2005-2007
Jenny Coughlin: Goalie, 2003-2007
Sarah Hewitt: Hole-D/Guard, 2003-2007
Veronice “Ronnie” Penyak: Hole-D/Guard, 2002-2006
Jessica Frizell: Hole set, 2002-2005
Kristina Garcie: Driver, 2002-2004
Caren Kelleher: Hole-D/Guard, 2001-2004
Rose Martin-Weiss: 1999-2003
Dorothy Wadsworth DeGuzman: 1998-2003


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