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What IS water polo?

Water polo is a team water sport consisting of six field players and a goalie. It involves a lot of treading water, some swimming, and ball handling skills. The game is most closely related to handball. It’s a little difficult to visualize on a website, so you should definitely come to a practice to see what it is all about, or even look around on Youtube for a video of the Women’s National Team, currently ranked first in the world and just won gold in Rio!

Do I have to have water polo experience?

NO. A lot of our girls were swimmers in high school and decided not to go on to swim at Emory, but wanted to stay active, stay in the pool, and be part of a team. It is not necessary to have any swimming to be on the team, but it is helpful as we do a lot of swim workouts and water polo is a pretty swim and water fitness intensive game.

What is the practice schedule/time commitment like?

We practice three days a week (Tues, Thurs, Sun) and our practices usually are around 2 hours. We swim for around 30 minutes then practice water polo the rest of the time. Typical practices consist of drills, half court work, leg workouts, and scrimmages. Practices are a lot of fun and are a great way to get your mind off of school for a little while. That being said, we all realize that our primary commitment at Emory is our school work and that if conflict arises, school takes precedent.

We practice all year round, but our main season is in the spring. During this season, we will travel to several tournaments in Florida and other areas in the Southeast, which is the BEST part of the year. These tournaments are not only great for the water polo playing aspect, but also team bonding and just general fun!

What is the team like?

Our team is AWESOME! We are all really close and do a lot together even outside of practice. We are a tightly knit team and it’s easy to see that we get along really well. It isn’t unusual for older girls to help younger girls with course selection or tutoring, or general life advice which makes them a great resource!

How do I sign up?

Find our table at the student activities fair at the very beginning of each semester! We will also have a general interest meeting during the first few weeks of school to get people signed up for the team. For now, if you would like to sign up or if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our secretary, Julia Bartol, at

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